Beauty Bakerie Closes

Cashmere Nicole Beauty Bakerie

It has been announced that Beauty Bakerie, a venture capital-backed makeup brand, has closed with immediate effect.

This unexpected news was announced through a statement from the brand’s founder and CEO, Cashmere Nicole, titled ‘My Taste Buds Have Changed: A Farewell Message.’

The statement, which was posted on, as well as emailed to customers and uploaded to the brand’s social media accounts, did not provide a clear reason for the shutdown. However, it hinted at a shift in Nicole’s personal values and goals, emphasising a move towards religious fulfillment and questioning societal measures of success.

“As I transition into the next chapter, I invite you to join me on that narrow path to life,” Nicole expressed. “Let’s redefine success, focusing not on societal measures like getting just one more photo to feel beautiful, getting one more title to feel valued, making a little more money for a few more claps or likes, but most importantly, our worth to Christ, seeking fulfillment not in material things or accolades but in His presence. Taking time to ask ourselves, “How does what I do please God?” and, “Am I more known for this achievement or title or accolade or for knowing and loving the Lord?”

Nicole also advised fans to stock up on their favourite products at Ulta Beauty, Boots, Target, and Amazon while supplies last.

Beauty Bakerie started as a one-woman passion project in 2011, after Nicole put herself through college and nursing school while raising her daughter Jasmyn as a single mum. After years of hard work, determination, and innovation, Beauty Bakerie established cult status—achieved, in part, for its bestselling no-smudge liquid lipstick, Lip Whip.

Beauty Bakerie

As Nicole told Good Morning America in 2018, “To go from food stamps to a multi-million-dollar business, it’s a testament of how much you can overcome, how many noes and how many doors can slam before you can get back up.”

Before its closure, Beauty Bakerie racked up numerous beauty awards and amassed a number of high-profile celebrity fans, including Beyonce and Cardi B. It was sold globally in over 2,000 retail stores and was available online at Amazon and Lookfantastic.

In 2017 the California-based company raised a $3 million seed investment from Unilever Ventures, 645 Ventures, Kenneth Chenault (former CEO of American Express), and Richelieu Dennis (co-founder of SheaMoisture and founder of New Voices Fund), among others.

As Beauty Bakerie’s chapter closes, the legacy of its founder’s vision and values will undoubtedly continue to influence the beauty industry and beyond.

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