Dyson Unveils the Supersonic r™

Dyson Supersonic r

Dyson has revealed the new Supersonic r™, a high-tech hair dryer exclusively available to professional stylists. It is the British technology brand’s lightest, smallest, and most precise styling tool yet.

An evolution of the brand’s original Supersonic hair dryer, the Supersonic r is 30% smaller and 20% lighter than its predecessor and is said to deliver smoother, frizz-free, and shinier results.

“The Dyson Supersonic r™ professional hair dryer builds on the technology and knowledge we have developed, offering fast drying and styling benefits for all hair types with no heat damage,” said Gavin Galligan, Senior Design and Development Manager, Dyson Beauty. “Our new streamlined heater technology developed for this machine is a world-first, combined with our high-speed motors enable the lightweight form factor, and fast precise airflow.”

When designing the Supersonic r, the Dyson team went through an extensive research process that began in 2017. 696 stylists were surveyed and interviewed to best understand their environment, habits, and needs, and explore and address the challenges they face – mainly achy arms, dull hair, and extreme heat damage. Delivering optimum heater performance whilst balancing weight and bulk became central to the Supersonic r’s design.

“Our in-depth professional stylist trials, research and insights informed the intuitive adjustments on the Dyson Supersonic r™ professional hair dryer,” said Amy Johnson, Global Head of Hair Care Artistry. “This part of the development journey has allowed Dyson to provide professionals with an agile and adaptive tool that responds to real world demands, delivering superior styling experience and results.”

Dyson Supersonic

At just 325g, the Supersonic r is lighter than a bottle of hairspray and almost half the weight of the original Supersonic. Its unique r shape allows professionals to effortlessly reach where it is normally hard to reach for control and comfort. It offers three precise airflow settings and four heat modes, including constant cold shot.

The adaptive dryer boasts power-dense technologies that include a streamlined flow heater technology, Dyson Hyperdymium motor, and intelligent Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors.

Dyson’s streamlined flow heater technology ensures an evenness of temperature even when using attachments, a higher temperature for styling, and drying hair fast, with no heat damage. Equipped with intelligent heat control, the Supersonic r measures air temperature over 20 times a second to prevent extreme heat damage and protect natural shine.

RFID sensors are included in each attachment, which communicate with the hair dryer to automatically adjust the motor and the heater to deliver optimal airflow and temperature. This functionality provides intuitive adjustment of the tool to suit all hair types and styles.

Dyson is inviting professional stylists to visit the Dyson website and join the waitlist. Those with proof of professional status will be able to pick up the Supersonic r – which will cost $569.99 – as early as March.

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