Fazit Launches Freckle Patches

Fazit Faux Freckle Patches

Fazit, the beauty patch brand best known for its Ingrown Hair Bikini Patch, has expanded into colour cosmetics with Makeup Patches—a beauty industry first.

Utilising cutting-edge technology, the new Makeup Patches provide a quick and satisfying way to apply makeup that simplifies beauty routines without compromising on results. By utilising the brand’s simple “patch, pat, peel, and reveal” technique, consumers can achieve instant glam in seconds, with zero mess.

The inaugural makeup collection launches with three products, Faux Freckles, Silver Stardust Speckles, and Gold Stardust Speckles. Each product taps into the coveted faux freckle trend, eliminating the need for harmful sun exposure or clumsy makeup techniques (we’re looking at you, broccoli).

The Faux Freckles Makeup Patches provide natural-looking freckles, while the Silver Stardust Speckles and Gold Stardust Speckles Makeup Patches deliver shimmering freckles perfect for the festival season.

Fazit Freckle Makeup Patches

Since its debut in autumn 2022, Fazit has not only expanded into 20 Urban Outfitters stores but also cultivated a significant following, thanks, in part, to its realistic, down-to-earth approach to portraying and treating skin concerns. With this expansion into the makeup category, Fazit co-founders Aliett Buttelman and Nina LaBruna aim to empower others to embrace their unique features and express themselves authentically through makeup that enhances rather than conceals.

Costing $15.99 (£14) for a pack of six, Fazit Makeup Patches are available at letsfazit.com (US & UK) and select Urban Outfitters stores across the US.

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