Adidas Training and Bumble Unite to Fight Gymtimidation

two women working out

Adidas Training and Bumble have joined forces to tackle gymtimidation, a barrier to training which impacts athletes at all levels.

To fight gym intimidation, the global brands have worked together to create a new adidas interest badge, enabling Bumble members to add it to their profile and let potential matches see their interest in fitness, encouraging them to connect and train with others.

This partnership marks the latest milestone in Adidas Training’s commitment to facilitating greater participation and enjoyment in training for its community. It joins other longstanding collaborations with sports powerhouses such as Les Mills, with more planned for 2024.

Bumble app with Adidas interest badge

According to international research, nearly one-in-three people have avoided the gym completely because of gym intimidation. One-in-five fear being judged, one-in-three lack confidence in how machinery works, over a quarter are uncertain on how to push to the next level, and one-in-three are intimidated by not having anyone to workout with. The solution? Well, when it comes to tackling gym intimidation, seven-in-ten say a gym partner is key.

“Gymtimidation can put many people off training, and this means they miss out on all the mental and physical benefits that come with a regular exercise routine. A gym buddy can be a great way to overcome gymtimidation. Research tells us that this kind of social support improves our enjoyment of exercise and when we enjoy something we simply do more of it. Having someone you feel accountable to, and is alongside you in the gym, means you work harder and train for longer. When you add to this the psychological safety that comes from having a shared goal and knowing that person is not just physically but also mentally on your side, your motivation gets boosted, and you can get the most out of your time in the gym.” – Dr Josephine Perry, Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist

The adidas ‘Gym Buddy’ interest badge is available on Bumble, Bumble For Friends mode, and the Bumble For Friends app.

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