Alberto Noé Named President & CEO of Shiseido EMEA

Alberto Noé President & CEO of Shiseido EMEA

Shiseido has named Alberto Noé President & CEO of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Previously Deputy CEO for Shiseido EMEA, Noé will be responsible for defining and implementing the EMEA regional vision and developing a strategic plan in line with the overall Group strategy.

“I would like to thank all the people at Shiseido who have accompanied me throughout my career in this fantastic group,” said Noé. “It is thanks to all of them that I can assume this new role and work together with Franck Marilly to build the future of our region.”

Noé succeeds Franck Marilly, who held the position of President & CEO of Shiseido EMEA since 2018. Marilly now takes the role of EMEA chairman for the Group, responsible for providing mentorship and strategic guidance to Noé, as well as organising and overseeing the work of Shiseido’s Board of Directors.

“I am pleased to work closely with Alberto Noé, offering strategic guidance, sharing expertise, and contributing to the growth of the EMEA region and the company,” said Franck Marilly. “This mentoring approach has been designed to accelerate growth opportunities, implement the Group’s vision, and guide the organization towards strategic success.”

Noé, who joined Shiseido in 2013 as Country Manager for Italy, has been promoted five times during his tenure. He previously held various management positions within LVMH, Chanel, and L’Oréal.

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