Apeer Lands in the UK

selection of Apeer skincare products

Danish skincare brand Apeer has launched in the UK, bringing simplified skincare to the Brits.

Apeer is the brainchild of two leading skin experts: Dr Emil Henningsen and Victoria Burles Piihl. Emil has over 15 years’ experience as a doctor and dermatological expert in skin diseases. Emil specialises in acne and is internationally recognised for his techniques and treatments in this field. Victoria is a leading dermatological and cosmetic nurse and co-founder of Cutis Clinic, which has multiple treatment facilities in Denmark. Victoria has a background in acute and intensive medicine from Viborg Nursing School and holds a master’s degree in health science.

Apeer products are selected from unique active ingredients, developed by leading skin scientists, and based on research and testing. There are currently 18 products in the range designed to treat several skin concerns, including sensitive skin, redness, premature ageing, acne, and pigmentation. To complement its skincare offering, Apeer provides an AI skin scanner for customers who want to seek a better understanding of their skin’s needs and receive guidance on product selection.

All products have been formulated to enhance effectiveness and are devoid of unnecessary fillers. Products have also been packaged to make application easy and more intuitive for customers. For example, products have been named according to their function rather than the ingredients they contain.

There are two stand-out products in the range. The first is the lightweight Plumping Serum, which has been formulated with hyaluronic acid, retinyl palmitate, vitamin C, and a blend of vitamins B3, C, and E to improve skin hydration, prevent premature ageing, protect skin from free radicals, and promote cell metabolism and regeneration. Second is the salicylic acid Cleansing Gel, which gently but effectively cleanses the skin while leaving it hydrated and irritation-free, thanks to a blend of glycerin, d-panthenol, and chamomilla extract.

Apeer has initially launched on apeerbeauty.com and will roll out into leading retailers in spring 2024.

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