Beyoncé Launches Cécred

Cécred Foundation Collection hair products

Beyoncé has unveiled Cécred, her highly anticipated new haircare line inspired by ancient hair rituals and designed to truly care for hair.

“The journey of creating Cécred has taken years, and I’m so proud to finally reveal what we’ve been working on,” said Beyoncé, Cécred founder and chairwoman. “I want everyone to have the freedom to express their hair in ways that make them feel good, so I began by creating the essentials for hair and scalp health. My vision is to be an inclusive force of excellence in the haircare industry while celebrating hair rituals across global cultures and helping dispel hair myths and misconceptions on all sides.”

Cécred – pronounced ‘sacred’ – launches with the Foundation Collection, an edit of eight haircare essentials that cleanse, condition, and visibly repair the hair. Products include the Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub, Hydrating Shampoo, Moisturizing Deep Conditioner, Reconstructing Treatment Mask, Fermented Rice & Rose Protein Ritual, Moisture Sealing Lotion, Nourishing Hair Oil, and Ritual Shaking Vessel.

All products are formulated with Cécred’s patent-pending Bioactive Keratin Ferment. Made from wool-derived keratin, honey, and lactobacillus ferment, this new technology closely matches and replaces depleted proteins in hair. It’s said to restore shine, repair damage from chemical processing, improve hair’s structural integrity, and make hair smoother and more resistant to breakage.

In creating the inaugural collection, the Cécred team devoted years to research and development, followed by extensive clinical, salon, and laboratory testing. According to the brand, this extensive process resulted in a performance-driven, expert-vetted, validated range of hair solutions that are beneficial for all hair textures, including coily and straight, and all hair states, including virgin, colour-treated, chemically processed, and heat-styled.

Products are infused with the brand’s signature Temple Oud fragrance, which features notes of oud, Australian sandalwood, warm musk, night-blooming jasmine, Haitian vetiver, and violet leaves. Products are cruelty-free, formulated without silicones, and follow strict global guidelines for ingredient safety.

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, joins Cécred as Vice Chairwoman, bringing her 40 years of influence as a hair stylist, salon owner, and entrepreneur. Neal Farinah, Beyoncé’s hair stylist, will serve as the brand’s Lead Global Stylist, while Dr. Kari Williams, celebrity hair stylist and trichologist, will act as the brand’s Head of Education. Finally, Grace Ray, former CEO of Milani Cosmetics and CEO of Living Proof, has been appointed Cécred’s Chief Executive Officer, leading the brand alongside Beyoncé.

The Foundation Collection is priced between £25 to £42 and is now available from

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