With the global fragrance market valued at over $43 billion, it’s no surprise we’re continually inundated with new perfumes. However, among the masstige labels staying safe with crowd-pleasing fragrances, niche brands dedicated to the art of perfumery and storytelling are emerging. One such brand is BORNTOSTANDOUT (BTSO), a Korean perfume house redefining the fragrance landscape with its provocative, genderless scents that take wearers on a truly unique olfactory journey.

Founded in 2020 by Jun Lim, a self-proclaimed fragrance nerd and non-conformist, BTSO promises perfume that goes beyond the ordinary. Jun Lim, who left the prescriptive world of finance to pursue his creative dreams, formed the brand to celebrate a world beyond cultural conformity and evoke the deep emotions connected to scent. “Particular fragrances are bookmarks of my life, and I love the rich nostalgia they offer… and the feelings and emotions attached to it,” Lim told Ministry of Scent.


BTSO fragrances and branding intentionally push the boundaries of conformist culture, all while paying homage to Korea’s rich aesthetic traditions. The perfume bottles, modern reinterpretations of royal porcelain from the Joseon dynasty, feature pure white colouring symbolising traditional Korean ideals. In striking contrast, the crimson red writing on the bottles represents the brand’s unorthodox identity, a perfect encapsulation of its rebellious spirit.

One of the unique aspects of BTSO is its approach to fragrance creation. Unlike many brands, it does not impose budgets on its perfumers, allowing their creativity to flourish without constraints. This philosophy ensures that each perfume is crafted with the highest quality ingredients and utmost artistic freedom.

Among the hero scents in the BTSO collection are Mud and Dirty Rice. Mud is an earthy gourmand that blends fragrance notes of almond, milk accord, chocolate, plum, elemi, and vanilla to create a grounding and addictive scent. Dirty Rice, a fragrance with the kind of longevity that still lingers on the skin the next day, combines rich notes of almond, bergamot, milk accord, basmati rice, vetiver, and sandalwood.

Each BTSO fragrance costs £150 ($185) and is available from in the UK and in the US.

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