Brooke Shields Introduces Commence

Brooke Shields Commence hair

Brooke Shields is the latest celebrity to enter the beauty business with the launch of Commence, a haircare brand formulated specifically for women over 40.

The 59-year-old model and actress, known for her signature long locks, was inspired to create the brand after struggling to find suitable haircare products for her changing needs. She wasn’t alone in this struggle. Beginning Is Now, the online community she started for the same demographic, provided her with insights into other women’s hair concerns. Members shared how their hair had thinned, their greys had increased, and their scalp had become drier, and, as she told InStyle, “there was really nothing out there that was addressing it specifically within the beauty realm.”

Commence debuts with a trio of products designed to create an optimal environment for healthy hair while protecting scalp health. The products include the 2-In-1 Instant Shampoo, the 3-In-1 Leave-in Conditioner, and the Root Serum.

2-In-1 Instant Shampoo: This lightweight, multitasking dry shampoo instantly refreshes the hair and scalp. It absorbs excess sebum and oil whilst moisturising dry areas of the scalp, leaving the hair clean, lifted, and voluminous. In addition to extending time between washes, the non-aerosol invisible instant shampoo revitalises hair at the root for thicker, fuller-looking hair.

3-In-1 Leave-in Conditioner: Commence’s versatile treatment hydrates, strengthens, smooths, protects, and improves the overall condition of hair. Supporting healthy growth at the follicle, this nourishing conditioner also fights frizz and delivers weightless moisture and shine.

Thickening Root Serum: Designed for the root, scalp, and hair, this enriching formula increases hair density and thickness while targeting specific scalp concerns, such as dryness, dandruff, or hair loss. Strengthening and hydrating, this serum is the perfect solution for those with irritated scalps who want thicker, denser hair and smoother strands.

Brooke Shields haircare brand

Each product is powered by the brand’s proprietary COMMENCE Complex, a blend of peptides, pre- and post-biotics, plant stem cells, and alfalfa sprout extract to support growth, create volume, and restore scalp health. Lactobacillus ferment, a bio-fermentation technology, nourishes and soothes the scalp; quinoa peptides volumise and thicken from the root; alfalfa extract, a sulphur-rich peptide, supports hair growth cycles; and acai stem cells provide antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits on a cellular level.

Impressively, each Commence formula contains less than 60% water and is phthalate-free, sulphate-free, talc-free, and benzene-free. These products are safe for all hair types, including colour and chemically treated hair.

The Commence collection ranges from $21 to $30 and is available exclusively at Information regarding a UK launch is yet to be announced.

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