Christina Aguilera Launches 1-888-PLY-GRND Sex Hotline

Christina Aguilera Sex Hotline

Christina Aguilera’s pioneering sexual wellness brand, Playground, is enhancing its range of water-based personal lubricants with the introduction of Pillow Talk.

Playground is a personal care brand that caters to modern women seeking improved vaginal health, more comfortable pleasure, and overall better sexual wellness. The brand was founded in 2022 by beauty industry veterans Catherine Magee and Sandy Vukovic, with Aguilera joining in March 2023 as Chief Brand Advisor and Co-Founder.

Pillow Talk is a plant-based, ultra-gentle lubricant designed for sensitive skin. It is pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, and condom safe. The long-lasting, libido-boosting formula combines soothing vitamin E, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and calming bamboo extract to mimic natural lubrication. Inspired and formulated by Aguilera, this new lubricant evokes romantic gestures, sweet nothings, and midnight rendezvous with its beautiful natural scent of wild rose and cream.

Christina Aguilera Sex Hotline

Launching alongside Pillow Talk is 1-888-PLY-GRND, a hotline offering advice on sexual wellness. Callers will hear empowering tips directly from Aguilera, have a chance to win a personal pillow talk session with her, and learn more about Playground’s mission to end the stigma around historically taboo topics. This hotline aims to create an open, censorship-free dialogue about women’s sexual health and pleasure, reimagining the male-focused sex hotlines of the 1990s.

“For our next release with Playground, we are proud to be launching our newest product, Pillow Talk® Personal Lubricant – alongside an inspiring campaign that encompasses everything I have always believed in about sex and sexual health,” said Aguilera. “This campaign speaks directly to women, encouraging better conversations and challenging the culture of shame surrounding women’s sexual health and pleasure, all while contributing to an impactful cause.”

This campaign marks a pivotal moment in Playground’s ongoing mission to destigmatise conversations about sexuality and sex, promote better sexual health for women, and support overall sexual wellness. To further this mission, Playground has partnered with the Center for Intimacy Justice, a non-profit organisation fighting against censorship of women’s sexual health. Beginning at launch, 1% of the net revenue from every Pillow Talk® purchase will support nonprofits aligned with Playground’s social mission.

“We’re thrilled to be Playground’s first non-profit partner and have the ability to amplify another voice committed to equality and well-being in people’s intimate lives,” said Jackie Rotman, the founder and CEO of the Center for Intimacy Justice. “The generous ongoing donation from Playground will not only help provide accessible sexual wellness information across all channels but will also seek to change and challenge the injustice of censorship directed at women’s sexual health.”

Pillow Talk can be purchased online at for $20. UK and international customers can purchase Playground products on

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