Déesse PRO unveils EOS-X

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Déesse PRO, the market leader in next-generation LED technology, has unveiled EOS-X, the strongest professional-grade LED mask on the market.

Designed in the UK and precision-engineered in Korea, EOS-X is the first medical-grade LED solution to feature 1070nm wavelength technology. The near-infrared wavelength is clinically proven to penetrate deeper into the subcutaneous tissue and muscle, prompting a bio-stimulatory effect on ageing and compromised tissue, whilst also improving microcirculation and cellular oxygenation.

The combined application of three wavelengths in the anti-ageing medical mode of EOS-X are designed to elicit synergistic immune responses within the body that are completely painless. The 1070nm wavelength initiates a pro-inflammatory response akin to that of a laser or chemical peel, simulating a ‘wound’ effect deep in the muscle. Subsequently, the 630nm and 830nm wavelengths stimulate tissue regeneration and healing in the dermis, restoring normal cellular function through an anti-inflammatory response.

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EOS-X, named after the Greek goddess of dawn, shines new light on established LED Light Therapy by combining FDA-approved medical efficacy with holistic wellbeing, supporting patient demand for treatments that balance skincare outcomes with overall wellness and vitality.

EOS-X will launch simultaneously in the UK and USA, ahead of a more comprehensive European roll-out in the summer.

To find out more, visit deessepro.com.

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