Diptyque Unveils Immersive Multi-Level Boutique in London

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Diptyque, the fragrance house renowned for its exquisitely crafted fragrances, has unveiled its most ambitious boutique to date: Maison Diptyque London, located at 107 New Bond Street. The new immersive boutique is a sister location to Maison Diptyque Paris, which recently opened at 7 rue Duphot. Together, they represent the largest boutiques ever opened by Diptyque, each sprawling over 400 square metres.

Described as ‘part boutique, part cultural space,’ Maison Diptyque London stands as an ever-evolving dedication to artistic craftsmanship. The boutique boasts an architectural setting reminiscent of a Parisian apartment, showcasing Diptyque’s extensive product range alongside exclusive experiences. These include fragrance consultations, unique workshops, exhibitions, and candlelit events designed to bring something new to each visit.

“Our new boutiques have been conceived as immersive locations that celebrate the art of living, Diptyque-style. As the world grows ever more digitalised, these spaces stand out because they offer experiences that are exclusive, sensual, intimate – in short, anything but standardised. They exemplify our dedication to expertise, as evidenced both by our own skills in the creation of perfumes and by those of the artisans and artists who contribute to our universe. Enriching the customer experience is central to this initiative – a reminder that when it comes to the conception of its boutiques, Diptyque remains faithful to its disruptive, poetic vision.” said Fabienne Mauny, the CEO of Diptyque.

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Within the walls of Maison Diptyque London lie several rooms designed to take visitors on a journey of aesthetic and sensory discovery, a journey that begins at the boutique’s entrance. Here, visitors are greeted by Diptyque’s iconic collection of candles and fragrances, which guides them through a world of scents.

In the Second-Life Services Area, Diptyque products can be refilled and recycled to give them a new and longer lease of life, while in the Home Fragrance Salon, visitors can access the entire Diptyque home fragrance collection and craft their own herbarium from a selection of 49 scented candles.

The Salon of Curiosities provides a glimpse into Diptyque’s decorative offerings, providing access to limited-edition artisan-crafted items exclusive to Maison Diptyque London. The Bathroom is devoted to the complete Diptyque bath and body range, while the Fragrance Library showcases the brand’s entire fragrance collection.

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The boutique even boasts a dedicated art gallery—the Ephemeral Space—that transforms seasonally to celebrate artistic collaborations and offer a space for creative expression. Curated in collaboration with trendspotter and founder of the unforgettable Colette concept store, Sarah Andelman, the gallery is a “testament to the strong bond Diptyque has forged with art and creativity since its inception”.

Meanwhile, the Heritage Gallery, an ever-evolving exhibition space, delves into Diptyque’s storied past. Designed by Agence Nathalie Crinière, the gallery showcases objects and artworks that refine the brand’s rich history, from the earliest bottles and candles to personal items and original drawings by the founders.

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Extending the immersive experience, Maison Diptyque London offers a suite of exclusive services designed to enhance each visit. Visitors can enjoy an hour-long fragrance consultation with a perfume expert or explore their creativity with candle customisation in the Private Salon, selecting from a variety of fragrances, decorations, and finishes. Additionally, the boutique hosts a range of engaging workshops, including bouquet-making and gift-wrapping, alongside intimate group talks that offer exclusive encounters with talented artisans and experts.

Quarterly, the boutique will transform for ‘By the Light of Diptyque’—an enchanting candlelit event that invites passers-by to discover the boutique in a “dreamlike setting, enhancing the festive shopping experience with a sense of wonder.”

Maison Diptyque London is open now, located at 107 New Bond Street, W1S 1RR.

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