Farmacy Beauty Founder Launches Haircare Brand

The Rootist products lined up in front of a peach background

David C. Chung, beauty entrepreneur and founder of cult skincare brand Farmacy Beauty, has launched The Rootist, a new haircare brand that treats the roots, scalp, and hair as one connected ecosystem. It does this with the help of its hero ingredient Rootbiomic Ferment™, a multivitamin superfood rich in micronutrients that helps healthier hair take root.

The Rootist combines the ancient science of fermentation with clinically proven proteins, botanical roots, and nutrient-dense mushrooms that are amplified with megasonic extraction. During this process, the Rootbiomic Ferment increases the bioavailability and penetration of nutrients and creates pre-, post, and parabiotic nutrients to support healthy hair cycles, strengthen the scalp barrier, and increase hair softness and shine.

“The Rootist is bringing innovation with ultra-concentrated hair treatments that eliminate the need for added water, thus reducing product and packaging waste. Added water is found in most haircare products, yet provides no additional benefits,” said Chung, Founder and CEO of The Rootist. “The Rootbiomic Ferment replaces water in all six formulas to deliver stronger, healthier hair through clinically effective, biological ingredients.”

The Root is launching with six products, which include the Strengthen Concentrated Shampoo & Conditioner, BioBrew™ Fermented Strengthening Serum, AHA+ACV Pre-Shampoo Scalp Clarifying Rinse, Dry Shampoo Powder, and Clarifying Balancing Serum for Oily Scalp.

All products are clean, vegan, sulfate and silicone-free, made with responsibly sourced ingredients, tested for biodegradability, and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free. Prices range from $26 – $48 and products available to purchase now online at and

The Root will launch in-stores at Sephora in North America from 23rd February 2024.

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