Fendi Launches First Major Fragrance Collection

Fendi Fragrance Collection 2024

Paying homage to its rich heritage, Italian fashion house Fendi has unveiled its first major fragrance collection, created by esteemed perfumers Anne Flipo, Fanny Bal, and Quentin Bisch. This collection offers a unique olfactory journey through the Fendi family’s illustrious history, featuring seven distinct fragrances that draw inspiration from the influential figures who have helped shape the iconic brand.

“The fragrance collection tells the story of Fendi from another point of view,” explains Silvia Venturini Fendi, creative director of accessories, menswear, and children at Fendi. “It expresses the essence of the Maison in a different way, by telling its story in a different language. Today, at Fendi, we can readily say that we have explored and used all the senses.”

Casa Grande pays tribute to Adele Casagrande Fendi, the house’s matriarch who co-founded the company with her husband Edoardo. This oriental gourmand features notes of Somali myrrh, amber, cherry, vanilla, and tonka bean.

Fendi Casa Grande fragrance

With notes of spicy pink pepper and earthy sandalwood, Perché No perfectly captures Casali del Pino, the Fendi family’s beloved house in the Roman countryside. Inspired by Silvia herself, she compares this scent to “a white sheet drying in the sun” at Casali del Pino.

Dolce Bacio is a tribute to Anna Fendi, inspired by the tender, lingering touch of a mother’s kiss on the cheek—a gesture that is sweet, tender, and enduring. The scent is said to personify “a woman who is both very strong and very gentle, a common trait of all Fendi women,” says Silvia. This sweet and floral perfume weaves together notes of luscious apricot, earthy patchouli, and exquisite Damascene rose.

Sempre Mio draws inspiration from Delfina Delettrez Fendi’s childhood in Morocco’s Ourika Valley, a place she still feels most at home. “I wanted to talk about who I am and where I come from. Sempre Mio is an intimate journey,” she said in a statement. This citrus woody scent features notes of Calabrian bergamot, cedarwood, and orange blossom.

Ciao Amore celebrates Leonetta Luciano Fendi and is designed to conjure memories of a summer break in Ponza, Italy, her favourite holiday destination. This gourmand floral features notes of fig, orange blossom, and tonka bean.

La Baguette celebrates twins Tazio and Dardo Vascellari Delettrez Fendi while also honouring the iconic Fendi ‘it’ bag. “I was pregnant when I designed the Baguette bag,” recalls Silvia, the twins’ grandmother. “It’s a timeless piece that will always be linked to the idea of a new generation.” With notes of iris, Madagascar vanilla, and leather, La Baguette evokes the comforting scent of bread with sugar and butter, the twins’ favourite snack.

Fendi La Baguette fragrance

Prima Terra pays homage to Fendi’s artistic director, Kim Jones. Featuring notes of tangerine, rosemary, and oak moss, this citrus chypre scent captures Jones’ childhood in Southern and Eastern Africa. “My desire was to bring together all the scents that made up this chapter of my life: my youth in Africa,” Jones explains.

This new fragrance collection marks a significant expansion for the LVMH-owned brand and underscores Fendi’s dedication to craftsmanship and heritage. Blending historical roots with modern elegance, this collection perfectly encapsulates Fendi’s legacy ahead of its centenary next year.

Each fragrance in the collection is priced at $330/£260 and will be available exclusively in Fendi boutiques and online at fendi.com from 20th June.

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