Holidermie Launches in the UK

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French holistic brand Holidermie has launched in the UK, bringing wellbeing rituals that harness the benefits of skincare, nutritional supplements, and self-massage.

Known for its clean, holistic approach to beauty, Holidermie combines advanced scientific research with luxurious natural ingredients to offer a beauty experience that not only nourishes the skin but enhances overall wellness from within.

Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur and Vogue Paris veteran Mélanie Huynh, Holidermie embraces the concept of ‘holi-dermatology’, a harmonious fusion of dermatology and holistic practices. The result is a comprehensive and integrative skincare approach delivered through the synergy of its three foundational pillars: Face & Body Care, Food Supplements, and Beauty Tools.

The Face & Body Care collection comprises 25 products, including the Rich Day & Night Cream, Freshness Eye Stick, Enzymatic Detoxifying Scrub, Sculpting Body Milk, Exfoliating Handwash Gel, Micro-Bubble Shampoo, and Hair Mask-in-Cream.

Central to the skincare offering is the Holiderm Complex, an antioxidant powerhouse developed in collaboration with Holidermie’s Medical Director, Jérôme Paris. The Holiderm Complex combines three highly concentrated actives—maritime pine bark polyphenols, to enhance skin radiance and combat ageing; grape berry extract, to protect skin from free radical damage; and calendula flower extract to hydrate, soothe, and repair.


Alongside the Face & Body Care collection is an impressive selection of nutritional supplements and specialised beauty tools. Food supplements are formulated to meet the needs of various skin types and are available in several forms, including teas, chocolates, and beauty gummies. The beauty tools—which include facial gua sha, cryo-tensing globes, and body brushes—are designed to amplify beauty routines, enhance the benefits of Holidermie’s skincare products, and invoke a sense of wellbeing.

Holidermie is now available from holidermie.com and skindays.com, with prices ranging from £19 to £95.

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