Inspirit Capital Acquire This Works

This Works Sleep Spray

Investment firm Inspirit Capital has acquired This Works, the British skincare and wellness brand considered a pioneer in category-defining sleep products.

Founded by former Vogue UK Beauty Director Kathy Phillips in 2003, This Works gained popularity for its award-winning sleep, skin, and bodycare products, including the bestselling Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.

The new deal, said to be valued at up to £9.3 million, marks Inspirit Capital’s first introduction into the beauty and wellness industry.

Inspirit Capital is a London-based investment firm that specialises in acquiring businesses that are no longer core to their parent company’s strategic objectives and therefore require a different ownership structure to achieve their full potential.

“We are excited to invest in This Works and support Anna and the team pursue their ambition for the business,” expressed Will Stamp, Partner at Inspirit Capital. “They are well positioned to capitalise on the ongoing growth in consumer interest in sleep and wellness, given the strong brand equity and their track record of product innovation. This deal also further underlines Inspirit’s status as a trusted partner for delivering divestments from corporate vendors.”

Anna Persaud, CEO at This Works, added, “Over the last few years, This Works has continued to develop exciting new products and formulations that our customers love, alongside growing our presence internationally. We are proud that our offering truly resonates with consumers seeking skincare and wellness products that are backed by science and proven to work. We are confident that, with the support of Inspirit, This Works’s brand story will keep going from strength to strength.”

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