Jo Malone Partners With Tom Hardy

Jo Malone Partners With Tom Hardy

Jo Malone London has named British actor and producer Tom Hardy as the ambassador for its male fragrance, Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense.

At the heart of the campaign is “The Exceptional And The Contradictory”, a film written by his father, Chips Hardy, directed by world-renowned Edward Berger, and inspired by Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense. Cinematographer James Friend and composer Volker Bertelmann were also involved in the film, which brings London to life on screen. Tom, who stars in the film, walks the streets of London at nightfall, spotlighting the idiosyncrasies, dichotomies, and quirks of the beautiful city.

“Tom is undeniably a huge talent. He is intelligent, compassionate, generous and thoughtful. But it was his willingness to be involved beyond being just a face of a campaign that really struck us,” expressed Jo Dancey, senior vice president and global general manager of Jo Malone London. “This is a true partnership that celebrates both the roots of Jo Malone London and Tom’s hometown. We have come together as creatives to challenge the perception of fragrance advertising, alongside having a real affinity with our shared values of mental health, continuing to spotlight the importance of taking the conversation further. It is a true privilege to have Tom as part of the Jo Malone London family.”

Released in 2020, Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense is a fresh and woody cologne that combines the aromatic notes of cypress trees with the warmth of grapevine and the sensuality of amber. The scent, created by gifted perfumer Sophie Labbé, is described as “refined, distinctive, and bold” and is said to have been a favourite of Hardy’s for some time. According to the BAFTA award-winner, “Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense is a wonderfully classic vintage and earthy scent.”

“It has been a privilege and great joy to collaborate with Jo Malone London on this campaign. What started as a shared connection and passion over similar philanthropic pursuits has since evolved into a wonderfully rewarding creative partnership, rooted in a shared commitment to making a long-term positive impact,” said Hardy.

Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense is available from Jo Malone stores and online at

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