Kate Moss To Launch Signature Makeup Range

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Charlotte Tilbury

Kate Moss is set to expand her skincare and wellness empire with the launch of her own signature makeup range.

According to The Mirror, the 50-year-old supermodel filed a trademark application in December 2023 to market cosmetics under her own name. Approved this March, the application enables her to sell cosmetic essentials such as lipgloss, mascara, eyeshadow, and blush.

While the full details are still under wraps, the trademark includes a unique handwritten logo featuring Kate’s name, followed by a love heart.

Victoria Beckham’s success with her beauty line, Victoria Beckham Beauty, may well have influenced Moss’s latest beauty venture. Launched in 2019, Beckham’s brand has garnered widespread acclaim, particularly for its Satin Kajal Liner and engaging social media presence.

This forthcoming makeup range will not be Moss’s first foray into colour cosmetics. In 2016, she launched a line of lipsticks and nail polishes with Rimmel London to celebrate her 15-year partnership with the brand. More recently, in 2023, she featured alongside Elton John in a festive campaign for Charlotte Tilbury.

This new brand follows the introduction of Moss’ wellness brand, Cosmoss, in 2022. Drawing inspiration from Moss’s own personal wellness journey, Cosmoss features six sustainably sourced products designed to restore and rebalance the body and mind. The brand recently launched in Liberty department store in London and expanded its Sacred Mist fragrance family with its new Incense Sticks.

In October 2023, Moss was appointed as an ambassador for the British Beauty Council, underscoring her commitment to the beauty industry. She commented, “Beauty is more than skin deep, it’s the heartbeat of the creative industry that’s helped build my career, and the careers of so much creative talent, from hair and make-up stylists on set to the magicians behind the brands.”

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