L Catterton Acquires Naomi Watts’ Stripes Beauty

L Catterton Naomi Watts Stripes

L Catterton, the consumer-focused private equity firm co-founded by LVMH, is partnering with actress Naomi Watts to acquire her menopause-care brand, Stripes Beauty.

Naomi Watts launched Stripes in 2022 with a mission to destigmatise menopause and empower women both physically and emotionally through its products, community, and expert menopause education. The brand, which offers science-backed personal care and beauty products, was founded in collaboration with Amyris. However, following Amyris’s bankruptcy in 2023, Stripes was acquired by Sakana LLC for $500,000, with Watts continuing as the driving force behind the brand as managing member.

With the capital support of L Catterton, Stripes Beauty aims to accelerate its growth on both domestic and international fronts, with strategic investments in marketing, team expansion, innovation, and customer service in the attainable luxury market.

“This is an exciting moment for Stripes Beauty, and I’m grateful to L Catterton for believing in our brand and sharing our vision of supporting women in menopause,” said Watts. “Stripes Beauty’s mission, products, and community are deeply meaningful to me, and I’m thrilled to partner with L Catterton, who is also dedicated to providing solutions to this underserved community.”

Under this new acquisition, Stripes Beauty’s first major initiative will be the expansion into sleep support with The Dream Date, a clinically-backed supplement featuring melatonin, magnesium, and red clover, designed to help users fall asleep and stay asleep. Moreover, the brand is set to scale its direct-to-consumer sales and Amazon presence and will soon debut at QVC and in Canada.

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