Luna Daily Launches Skin Repairing Range

Luna Daily Repair Treatment

Continuing their commitment to provide support through every age and stage of womanhood, Luna Daily, the microbiome-balancing bodycare brand, has launched a targeted skincare range to address damage and promote healing.

Womanhood can bring several body-altering experiences—from weight changes, acne, and surgery, to puberty, motherhood, and menopause. These experiences can manifest on our skin as stretch marks, scars, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation. Luna Daily’s new targeted products, The Repair Treatment and The Skin Support Oil, aim to combat these concerns by deeply nourishing and repairing the skin, so women can embrace their skin’s journey at every stage.

The Repair Treatment is a daily, silicone-free scar serum that mimics the skin’s natural barrier to help it heal from surgery, post c-section, body acne, and more. It is clinically proven to reduce redness and scar thickness, promoting smoother, healthier skin.

This unique serum-gel boasts innovative ingredients like Gransense, a bio-based alternative to silicone that hydrates and stimulates collagen production. Cacay oil, an ingredient with 50% more vitamin E than argan oil, is clinically proven to minimise scarring and discoloration. Additionally, calming calendula and arnica extracts target redness and inflammation. User trials reported impressive results: 80% of participants experienced improved scar texture and softness, with 8 in 10 users feeling more confident.

The Skin Support Oil is designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, reduce redness of scars, and improve skin tone and texture. This lightweight oil combines the power of vitamin C, a collagen booster and skin brightener, with cacay oil to promote cell regeneration, lasting hydration, and improved tone and texture. Calendula and arnica extracts provide additional benefits by reducing dryness, redness, and inflammation. User trials unveiled 84% of participants experienced a reduction in stretch marks and improved scar texture, 90% saw a noticeable improvement in uneven skin tone, and a remarkable 98% reported smoother skin after just two weeks.

The Repair Treatment and The Skin Support Oil are now available online at, as well as in the UK and Sephora in both the UK and US.

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