Lush x Shrek Has Landed

Lush x Shrek Collection

The collaboration we didn’t know we needed is here—Lush x Shrek.

Inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek franchise, the new collaborative collection aims to bring joy and humour from the fairy-tale land of Duloc, into the real world of beauty and wellbeing. It is the ultimate edit for celebrating your inner swampy self.

The limited-edition collection features a Get Out Of My Swamp Shower Slime, Shrek Swamp Bath Bomb, Fiona Shower Gel, By Night One Way, By Day Another Body Spray, Gingy Bubble Bar, Donkey Bubble Bar, and Mask of Magnaminty Power Mask-renamed as ‘Shrek Pack’, a nickname bestowed by customers in South Korea due to its ogre-like green hue.

To celebrate the new collection, Lush has opened a fairground inspired pop-up in the heart of Soho, giving Londoners the chance to step into the city of Duloc.

Open for six weeks from 22nd March, this unique pop-up is open for customers to get hands on with fun photo ops and interactive games like ‘Hook a Donkey’, perfect for children and adults alike, with all fans of Shrek and Lush able to win Lush x Shrek product prizes. The pop-up also enables customers to purchase the entire Lush x Shrek collection.

Lush x Shrek Pop-Up

For those unable to make it to Soho, there are plenty of other exciting opportunities to embrace the swamp aesthetic. For example, Edinburgh’s Lush Spa are offering a unique ‘Book a Swamp’ spa experience – an immersive private bathroom themed around the movie’s iconic opening sequence, when Shrek showers in mud, brushes his teeth with goo, and blows bubbles in his pond.

The Lush x Shrek collection is available in selected Lush stores, including Glasgow City, Liverpool, London Oxford Street, and Edinburgh. It is also available to purchase at

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