Make Some Noise For NOYZ

Make Some Noise For NOYZ

Noyz is the latest niche fragrance brand poised to disrupt the traditional fragrance industry with its unique, expressive, and enduring scents rooted in real, raw, and authentic storytelling. This American brand is redefining fragrance as a new form of self-expression, celebrating the imperfect, the messy, and the real. They call it ‘scent unfiltered’.

At the helm of Noyz is visionary entrepreneur Shaun Neff, co-founder of Beach House Group—the powerhouse behind Millie Bobby Brown’s Florence by Mills, Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern, and Moon Oral Beauty. “In an industry that has long been rooted in hyper-filtered fantasy, we saw a massive white space in the fragrance market for a brand rooted in realism,” Neff explains. “We feel more people will relate to our Sh**ty Day fragrance rather than doing a perfect hair flip with an 18-pack of abs or flawlessly riding a beautiful white horse in a magical meadow. Our goal is to create a brand that creates fragrances inspired by real storytelling.”

Noyz’s fine fragrances are genderless, each named after relatable experiences and infused with authentic narratives. The scents are the brainchildren of renowned Robertet perfumer Jerome Epinette, celebrated for his work with Byredo, Vilhelm Parfumerie, and Floral Street. Each fragrance is designed to stand alone or be layered, allowing for a personalized olfactory experience. Noyz is launching with four distinctive fragrances: Love Club, Unmute, Lost + Found, and Sh**ty Day, each in a 50ml bottle priced at £85 ($85).

Love Club

Love Club captivates with its hypnotic, alluring composition. Top notes of saffron, Sichuan pepper, Italian mandarin, and bergamot mingle with heart notes of Tuscan leather, Turkish pink rose, wild raspberry, and violet, all grounded by base notes of whipped marshmallow, ebony woods, patchouli, and black amber.


Described as sweet and dangerous, Unmute is an amber woody fragrance featuring top notes of Indonesian cassia, black plum, clary sage, Ceylon cinnamon, and pistachio; middle notes of cashmere woods, Spanish cistus, and Somalian incense; and base notes of Madagascar vanilla and amber.

Lost + Found

Lost + Found offers a fresh, clean, citrus woody experience. Italian lemon and Australian pink pepper top notes lead into a heart of jasmine petals, rhubarb, and raspberry blossom, anchored by base notes of cedarwood, amber, and pink sugar.

Sh**ty Day

For those in need of a reset, Sh**ty Day is an amber aromatic fragrance that uplifts and refreshes. It opens with eucalyptus leaves, ocean air, coconut water, and bergamot, transitions to a heart of salted fig, clary sage, blue violet, and French lavender, and settles into base notes of Venezuelan tonka bean, sea-soaked woods, Baltic amber, and cedarwood.

Noyz is committed to using responsibly sourced, high-quality ingredients. All formulations are free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, and animal byproducts. Each scent is certified vegan by The Vegan Society and cruelty-free by PETA. Staying true to its mission of smelling good and doing better, each Noyz bottle features a threaded neck designed for easy disassembly and recycling.

Noyz is now available at, Ulta in the US, and Harrods in the UK.

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