Matilda Djerf is Launching a Beauty Line

Matilda Djerf Djerf Avenue Beauty

Swedish model turned influencer Matilda Djerf has revealed she is launching a beauty brand.

The fashion mogul, loved for her clean girl aesthetic and bouncy blow-out, announced the launch of Djerf Avenue Beauty via a post on Instagram, alongside the caption “Djerf Avenue Beauty launching March 27th”.

“I am incredibly proud of these products and cannot wait for the world to try them,” Djerf shared. “For as long as I can remember, hair has been a way for me to express myself. As I got older and learned more about how products are made and the impact of different ingredients, I quickly realised that nothing in my cabinet met my needs and standards. It has been a fulfilling journey working alongside talented and passionate chemists to develop products that I genuinely miss when they run out.”

The brand will launch with two products, the Breezy Styling Mist and On The Go Styling Gel. The Breezy Styling Mist (£25) is a volumiser that promises weightless volume and a flexible hold, all while ensuring the hair isn’t left greasy, crusty, or dry. It is enriched with nourishing ingredients and thermal protection to protect the hair.

The On The Go Styling Gel (£19) is a versatile styling product designed to deliver the perfect combination of flexible hold and shine. It can tame flyaways, define curls, and keep hair back when wanting a sleek, slicked back look.

According to the brand, all beauty products are vegan, cruelty-free, and suitable for all hair types. They are also formulated and produced in Sweden.

Djerf Avenue Beauty launches on March 27th and will be available from

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