Nails.INC Collaborates with McDonald’s

Nails.INC x McDonald’s nail collection

Nails.INC has just launched its latest collection and it’s a collaboration with none other than McDonald’s.

Inspired by the fast-food giant’s tastiest treats, the new Nails.INC x McDonald’s collection features all the items needed to create a mani as iconic as the Big Mac. It delivers limited-edition nail polishes, nail stickers, press-on nails, and a nail topper.

The first product in the new collection is ‘I Speak French,’ a set of press-on nails inspired by McDonald’s fries. The set includes 30 medium, almond-shaped artificial nails in a classic nude shade, and a small number of fries-printed nails.

Also inspired by McDonald’s most popular side dish is the ‘Fries Nail Polish and Sticker Set’. The duo contains a Nails.INC Nail Polish in shade ‘Gotta Ketchup’, a ketchup red, as well as fun fast-food nail stickers that include Big Macs, fries, and McFlurry desserts.

The ‘i’m loving it Gold Heart Nail Topper’ celebrates it loves of the famous golden arches. Packed with swirling shimmering gold hearts, the Nail Topper boasts Nails.INC’s longwear formula and includes the brand’s patented wide hugging brush that is said to deliver a quick and flawless application.

The final product in the collection is the ‘Burger Mini Nail Polish and Sticker Duo’. It includes two mini Nails.INC Nail Polishes in shades ‘Gotta Ketchup’, a ketchup red, and ‘Big Mac Please’, a burger brown, alongside a selection of fun nail stickers that include burger buns, ‘i’m lovin’ it’ slogans, and the signature golden arches.

Nails.INC x McDonald’s is now available online at and Amazon, with prices starting at £6.99.

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