Nicki Minaj Launches Pink Friday Nails

Pink Friday Nails Nicki

Nicki Minaj has announced the launch of Pink Friday Nails, a press-on nail brand she created in collaboration with Yvett G, her longtime nail designer.

Available exclusively at, each nail design comes in a variety of shapes and lengths – a first for a press-on nail brand. There are 11 designs to choose from, in a wide range of colourways that include matte and chrome bases, to camo patterns and cherries. There are also four nail shapes available, including stiletto, coffin, square, and almond, that come in five lengths – short, medium, long, XL, and XXL.

Pink Friday Nails Nicki Minaj

The idea for Pink Friday Nails was first dreamed up when Nicki became a mother and had to switch to press-on nails to avoid long sessions in the salon chair. She experienced many press-on problems, including ill-fitting nails and poor designs, leading her on a year-long journey developing Pink Friday Nails to “serve women and men of all nail sizes with designs that reflect her own style”.

“When I became a mom, I couldn’t spend as much time getting my nails done as when I only had to worry about me, so it became a necessity to create fly, QUALITY press-on nails,” Minaj said in a statement. “I told my team when we started Pink Friday Nails that if I don’t want to wear them, I’m not going to even ATTEMPT to sell them because our customers aren’t stupid. Pink Friday Nails are the ACTUAL nails I wear designed by my ACTUAL nail tech. And I have VERY small nail beds, so normally press-ons are way too big and don’t hit the same. Our nails come from short to the longest length I wear, in ALL shapes, all sizes, and polishes.”

In creating Pink Friday Nails, Nicki appointed her longtime nail artist Yvett Garcia as Creative Director. Garcia is responsible for designing the brand’s products and overseeing production.

“The press-on nails segment has two ends: either really intricate custom designs that cost hundreds of dollars or drug-store alternatives which break easily. We’re hoping to be in the middle,” explained Garcia.

Chrome Pink Friday Nails

All nails are curvy with a high apex for added support. According to the brand, nails are also thick and durable to deliver a contemporary look that lasts. Each nail pack includes nail glue, adhesive tabs (for short-term wear), a cuticle pusher, file and buff, and alcohol pad.

Pink Friday Nails is available online at, with nail sets ranging from £16 to £32 ($19.99 to $24.99).

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