Raffles Announces Unique Resort in NEOM

Raffles NEOM

Accor’s esteemed Raffles Hotels & Resorts has unveiled plans to debut a new resort in Trojena, Neom’s premier year-round mountain destination in northwestern Saudi Arabia.

Slated for a 2027 opening, Raffles Trojena is set to redefine mountainside hospitality at 2,300 metres, offering exclusive experiences and opportunities to discover and explore the natural beauty of the region.

“Trojena is set to be a destination unlike any other, and this mountainside retreat continues the Raffles legacy of growing in the world’s most compelling locales, providing our guests with an opportunity to ignite their passions through highly personalized service and experiences.” said Omer Acar, CEO of Raffles Hotels & Resorts.

Raffles Resort NEOM

Nestled amidst the spectacular Trojena mountains, the resort’s distinctive ring-shaped design guarantees panoramic scenic vistas from every angle. It will include 105 guestrooms positioned around the perimeter of the ring, providing guests with the highest level of comfort and privacy.

The resort’s ground level is thoughtfully designed with circular zones and exquisite gardens, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the stunning surroundings. The Raffles Trojena resort will uphold the brand’s reputation for impeccable service, including its famous butler service, exceptional culinary offerings, and emphasis on destination arts and culture.

Trojena NEOM

In collaboration with NEOM Hotel Division, Raffles Trojena will be located within the Discover cluster, one of six unique areas that make up the mountain destination. Dedicated to the exploration of nature, the Discover cluster will feature the Discovery Tower, an elegant and monumental high-rise tower with an open-air museum, the Observatory, a peak panoramic viewpoint featuring Trojena’s views and landscape, and the Cosmic Gate, a stargazing camp and pioneering astronomical park.

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