SISTERLY is Launching in the UK

SISTERLY supplements

Supplement brand SISTERLY is set to launch in the UK following a successful debut in Ireland.

Co-founded by three professionals with backgrounds in law, finance, and luxury lifestyle, SISTERLY aims to support women through various stages of life, with scientifically backed nutritional solutions that don’t cut corners or compromise on quality.

The Elevator, the brand’s inaugural product, is a next-generation, foundational, multi-nutrient that upgrades women’s daily nutritional supplementation. Created in collaboration with Dr Daniel Jones PhD BSc, The Elevator is designed to fill in the nutritional gaps that women often experience throughout adulthood.

The new multi-nutrient is designed to simplify supplementation by removing confusion and the need for endless pills. It combines 24 of the highest grade and most bioavailable forms of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in efficacious doses, plus it contains the gut-friendly prebiotic chicory root.

The Elevator features a 150mg dose of CoEnzyme Q10 which plays a vital role in energy production and DNA replication and repair. It is also formulated with vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 to contribute to normal bone health and immune function; as well as a complex of B vitamins, including a 250μg dose of D-Biotin, the biologically active form of Biotin, 400μg of folate, and 15μg of B12 for maximised absorption.

The suite of eight minerals in The Elevator includes iodine to support thyroid function and the trace mineral molybdenum, which helps the liver eliminate toxins.

The Elevator comes in powder form and features a natural mild mandarin flavour. It can be consumed as a drink mixed with water or juice or blended into a smoothie or yoghurt to deliver sustained natural energy throughout the day. It is free from added sugars, artificial flavours or colours, and gluten. It is also vegan, non-GMO, and contains no preservative or bulking agents.

SISTERLY will launch in the UK in March 2024. The Elevator will be available from, costing £86 for a monthly subscription of 30 sachets.

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