SUQQU Launches Blossom Beat

SUQQU Blossom Beat

SUQQU, the luxury Japanese beauty brand loved by Margot Robbie and Victoria Beckham, has launched its latest makeup collection, Blossom Beat.

Taking inspiration from vibrant flower markets, the new eight-piece collection is awash with floral shades that dominate the summer season—think juicy hues infused with a playful sweetness and a touch of dewiness.

The collection comprises four hero products available in limited-edition colourways. This includes the Signature Color Eyes, Bloom Eye Stick, Moisture Glaze Lipstick, and Pure Color Blush.

Signature Color Eyes

Mimicking the vibrancy of whimsical wildflowers and freshly made bouquets, Blossom Beat’s Signature Color Eyes palettes feature soft, tonal shadows that add the most beautiful definition without the risk of creasing or caking. Hanamatome is unified by purple hues, while Irotabane features the prettiest of pinks.

Bloom Eye Stick

With a rich pigment that blends seamlessly, the Bloom Eye Stick can be applied across the entire eyelid or used as a liner for a pop of colour. Powder Lilac delivers a lilac shadow with a hint of white, while Lime Yellow brings a soft green with hues of yellow.

Moisture Glaze Lipstick

Moisture Glaze Lipstick, SUQQU’s newest lipstick launch, has a rich balm-like texture that melts into a beautiful wash of colour with a glossy finish. Shade Ichirinka is a pretty brick red with a soft sheen and Sakizora is a neutral pink beige that is perfect for everyday wear.

Pure Color Blush

Two new shades join this cult blush range: Amatanka, a red blush and pink highlight with a touch of blue pearls, and Kiramekinozoki, a bronze toned blush with red undertones. Both highly pigmented matte blushers fade into rich pearlescent highlighters, giving the most gorgeous definition and glow to the complexion.

The SUQQU Blossom Beat Collection is now available at Selfridges. It will be available at Harrods from April 4th and Liberty and from April 18th.

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