The Best Nail Designs for Spring

Spring 2024 nail art ideas
@nailsbyyagal | @aliciatnails | @peachinails

With spring only a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to refresh your manicure. Beyond the predictable pastels, we’ve spotted several bold and playful designs that are guaranteed to please this season.

We searched Instagram to find the best nail art inspiration this side of spring. We found everything from bright rainbow colours and quirky patterns to reimagined French manis, so scroll on to see our favourites.

Tutti Fruity

Nothing screams spring like colourful and cute fruit. Paired with a nude base, this @peachinails fruity design delivers a fun fresh fruit salad to the fingernails.

Micro French Fun

Keep things simple with a micro French manicure. Using five soft pastels shades, this on-trend nail design is easy to create at home using a thin striping brush and a steady hand.

Sherbert Swirl

Swirl nail designs have been trending for some time – they deliver impact and are relatively easy to recreate at home. To create this manicure, @aliciatnails combined gorgeous sherbet shades with a barely-there nude base.

70s Show

This colourful abstract design is giving serious 70s lava lamp vibes. It’s colourful, fun, and, dare we say, groovy.

Mix & Match

No matter the season, a manicure packed with fun nail art will always work wonders. We’re obsessed with this @amyguynailartist classic!

Pretty in Pink

Perfect for girls who want their nail art a little more minimalist, this shimmery manicure was created by @overglowedit using the Nailbayo Doi Magnet Gel in shade 3.

French Shimmer 

This gorgeous shimmery take on the micro French manicure is another great nail art option for the girls who want to keep things subtle.

Pastel Rainbow

Quick and easy to create, this rainbow pastel manicure is a spring staple for those short on time and precision.

Flower Power

We’re obsessed with this daisy manicure. It’s a great option for girls that want to experiment with nail art, without going all the way!

Cherry Love

This cherry heart manicure is beyond adorable. The perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling less than fruity.

Blue Daisies 

Providing a different take on the popular floral nail trend, this manicure uses an unconventional colour scheme to create a playful twist. It can also be easily recreated with the help of a bobby pin.

Mermaid Chrome 

This gorgeous 3D nail art is one for the statement makers. A nail technician is a must, though, because let’s be honest, this isn’t worth trying at home.

Floral French

Combining the ever-popular daisy design with a gorgeous lilac French tip, this manicure is fun, feminine, and spring-ready.


To prevent this statement checkerboard manicure from looking too uniform, @hoebesummernails mixed it up with two checkerboard French tips. A match made in heaven!

Delicate Florals

This delicate design gives us major meadow vibes. It’s one of the most spring-inspired manicures we’ve seen so far this year.

Jell-O Pink

Jelly nails are really doing the rounds and the bolder the colour, the better. We’re obsessed with this Barbie-esque GELCARE shade in Jelly Pink.

Two Tone Tips

Re-working the French mani, @nailsbymh has opted for a two toned creation that uses different colour combinations on each nail. Perfection!


Paying homage to Mini Eggs, @naileditbeauty’s colourful play on the traditional French mani is perfect for the Easter holiday season.

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