The Best Vulva-Friendly Skincare

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For millennia, our personal care routines have centred around the skin, hair, and body, with a focus on products and ingredients that will best protect and enhance these areas. However, this detailed approach often overlooks one crucial area of our body: the vulva. Historically, vulva care has been shrouded in secrecy and misconceptions, leading to a variety of gynaecological problems for many women.

According to Luna Daily, harsh soaps and washes have been proven to cause gynaecological problems for 43% of women, with washes being the most common product women use on their vulvas, closely followed by lubricant. Using the wrong wash or lube can lead to dryness, irritation, and uncomfortable or painful sex, so it is crucial we choose our products wisely.

With demand for intimate skincare growing, we now have access to numerous vulva-friendly products such as washes, sprays, oils, and lubricants. We’ve rounded up our favourites.

Luna Daily The Everywhere Wash

The Everywhere Wash is a microbiome and pH balancing cleanser designed for use on every part of the body, vulva included. Free from harsh chemicals that are known to irritate our intimate areas, the Everywhere Wash is formulated with thermal water, prebiotic lactic acid, inulin, and vitamins C, E, and F, to calm, soothe, and support skin microbiome health. It was expertly developed with dermatologists and gynaecologists, contains zero percent soap, and has been tested on all skin types, including sensitive.

Dr. Barbara Sturm V Wash

Designed specifically for use on and around the vulva, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s V Wash gently cleanses the intimate area without removing natural oils or moisture from the skin. Its velvety foam formula features pre- and probiotics to maintain a healthy microbiome and optimal, natural pH level, helping to safeguard against the proliferation of harmful bacteria and yeast which can lead to infections. Panthenol and glycerine soothe and moisturise the skin, hyaluronic acid hydrates, and purslane extract calms the skin and reduce visible signs of irritation.

Wype Original Wype

Offering an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to toilet wipes, the Original Wype is an organic gel that squeezes easily onto toilet paper. It delivers a superior clean that leaves your intimate area feeling moisturised and ultra-comfortable. Dermatologically approved, hypoallergenic, and made from natural ingredients, Wype is safe for use on your body’s most intimate areas.

Mantle The Pussy Smooch

The Pussy Smooch is an intimate moisturising balm from Mantle that features organic CBD to restore the skin’s balance, protect the skin barrier, and maximise its well-being. In addition to CBD, The Pussy Smooch is formulated with pre- and post-biotics, vitamin E, and apricot oil to balance, nourish, and keep you feeling consistently comfortable.

Maude Shine Organic Lubricant

Crafted from 100% natural and organic ingredients, the Maude Shine Organic Lubricant is a moisturising lube that won’t cause irritation to your vagina or vulva. Its formula, free from glycerin and parabens, is carefully pH-balanced and designed to match the body’s ideal osmolality. Suitable for use with devices and condoms, this vegan lubricant is not only ultra-moisturising but also easy to rinse off with warm water, leaving no sticky residue behind.

Vella Women’s Pleasure Serum

Vella’s Women’s Pleasure Serum is the first arousal serum that has been proven to effectively enhance feminine sexual pleasure. According to some, it’s the first female Viagra. It is formulated with CBD which, during clinical studies, was found to relax vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle tissue, resulting in women aged 23 to 75 reporting increased ease, intensity, and frequency of orgasm. Vella is fragrance-free, has a neutral taste, and is safe for use with condoms.

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