The Sisley Group Launches Neuraé

Neurae neurocosmetics skincare brand

Neuraé is a new neurocosmetics brand developed by the team behind Sisley Paris.

Combining cosmetology and neuroscience, neurocosmetics is rooted in the idea that the brain and skin are intrinsically connected and that emotions can affect your skin and topical ingredients can trigger neurological responses.

Neurocosmetics is core to the Neuraé philosophy, which centres around the concept of emotional ageing and the understanding that tiredness, stress, and other negative emotions can affect skin firmness, radiance, and sensitivity.

Led by siblings Philippe and Christine d’Ornano, the Neuraé team has spent the last ten years researching and developing skincare products to improve skin function and quality through influencing the neuromediators responsible for messaging between the skin and our brains.

Neuraé Booster

The result of this research is Neuraé’s patent-pending NA3 technology, a core part of the brand’s skincare offering. Developed in Sisley Laboratories, NA3 technology is activated via three complementary neuromodulators: neuro-fragrances, neuro-textures, and neuro-actives. Neuro-textures are skincare textures proven to provoke an emotional response on application, while neuro-fragrances are fragrance blends selected for their powerful aromatherapeutic effects.

Neuro-actives are unique active ingredients proven to balance the nervous system connected to the skin, helping to improve its appearance. Red indigo extract boosts the production of the β-endorphin—which protects against inflammation and promotes healing—and limits cortisol production—which can weaken the skin barrier and cause sensitivity. Scutellaria extract supports the production of the β-endorphin and activates GABA receptors—which reduces inflammation and promotes healing from wounds, while natural eperua extract limits CGRP production, preventing inflammatory stress.

Neuraé launches with seven products, a serum, three creams, and three fragrance boosters, priced between £45 and £135. Each product sits with four emotionally charged ranges—Harmonie, Énergie, Joie, and Sérénité. Harmonie re-balances the skin, Énergie improves firmness, Joie revives radiance, and Sérénité softens fine lines and wrinkles.

All Neuraé products have been developed to maximise their effectiveness while attempting to minimise their impact on the environment and society. All formulas are dermatologically tested, suitable for all skin types (including sensitive), and are composed of at least 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Neuraé is now available at for those residing in France, Canada, Italy, the US, and the UK.

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