Chloé Launches Nomade Nuit d’Egypte

bottle of Chloé Nomade Nuit d'Egypte

Chloé has announced the launch of Nomade Nuit d’Égypte, the latest addition to Nomade, the brand’s voyage-inspired collection that pays tribute to a lust for wandering and sharing.

The new eau de parfum transports wearers to Egypt, reconnecting with the roots of Maison founder Gaby Aghion and the birthplace of perfumery.

Kyphi, the first perfume known to humankind, was created in Egypt and, over the years, archaeologists have found various formulas to make it, specifically at the Temple of Horus in Edfu and Temple of Hathor in Dendera.

When composing Nomade Nuit d’Egypte, perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou revisited kyphi with a modern, refined approach, constructing it around a selection of base ingredients mentioned in ancient recipes for the elixir. The result is an amber floral fragrance featuring top notes of myrrh, cinnamon, and ginger, heart notes of kyphi, orange blossom absolute, and broom flower nectar, and base notes of vanilla, cypriol, and opopanax.

Nomade Nuit d’Egypte is presented in the fragrance line’s trademark bottle and features a knot tied around its neck in a hue of Egyptian blue, a colour renowned to be the first-ever pigment created by humankind some 4500 years ago.

Nomade Nuit d’Egypte is now available exclusively at The Fragrance Shop and will launch nationally on March 1st.

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