Estelle Manor Opens Eynsham Baths

Bathing Hall at Eynsham Baths

Estelle Manor has opened its much-anticipated Eynsham Baths, a Roman-inspired spa nestled within the estate’s ancient woodland.

The new Eynsham Baths, which took five years to complete, is located on Estelle Manor’s 60-acre luxury estate in Oxfordshire. Inspired by the bathhouses of the Roman era, it acts as a place of ritual and indulgence for members and hotel guests alike.

The grand 3,000-square-metre property features neoclassical architecture inspired by the Roman villa ruins discovered close to the estate. Described as a “first-of-its-kind sanctuary”, the space encompasses a vast bathing hall, steam room, hammam, Hay Sauna, lounge, walk-through shower, breathwork pool, and open-air hideaway. There are also thermal cabins, five thermal pools, and ten treatment rooms, including couples’ suites.

Eynsham Baths Bathing Hall

The mezzanine tepidarium hall is the highlight of the spa. Conjuring up majestic ancient Roman bathing scenes, the grand hall features four pools: a tepidarium (36°C), caldarium (40°C), and two cold plunge pools in the frigidarium (6°C). There is also a Scottish bucket that delivers a cold water plunge with the pull of a chain.

Exclusive to members, the open-air hideaway, located on the east side of the spa, features a hidden pool and cascading waterfall surrounded by natural wildflowers and woodland ferns. The hideaway bar is reminiscent of King Triton’s kingdom, with design details that include coral-encrusted chandeliers, distressed plaster walls, and patterned Roman fan tile marble flooring.

Eynsham Baths

Eynsham Baths offers a comprehensive range of treatments inspired by ancient healing rituals found within Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese traditions. Treatments can be enriched with CBD-infused massage oils, therapeutic mud, or specialised patches.

All Eynsham Baths treatments incorporate the spa’s own products. Formulated using five different plant remedies, the Eynsham Baths collection includes oils, silken balms, liniments, body scrubs, soaps, and a very special face oil. Informed by the ‘wisdom of plants’, each product is hand-blended and coaxed to life while mantras are played in the laboratory, the vibrations in these products are at the highest frequency.

Eynsham Baths building

The spa also offers advanced wellness and cosmeceuticals treatments that include IV therapy, vitamin booster shots, microblading by Suman Jalaf, and face and body treatments by Skin Design London.

Spa access, plus the guided thermal journey, is complimentary for Estelle members and £95 per person for hotel guests and Estelle members’ guests.

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