FaceGym x Isamaya, The Collab We Didn’t See Coming

FaceGym x Isamaya

Isamaya, the beauty brand founded by makeup visionary Isamaya Ffrench, has collaborated with facial workout brand FaceGym to create a collection of innovative sculpting tools.

The FaceGym x Isamaya collection launches with Sculpt 01, a chrome face and scalp tool designed to provide long-term skin and hair health.

Engineered to enhance and contour, Sculpt 01 chisels out facial contours to improve circulation and reduce puffiness. Sculpting with angular precision, it releases deep-rooted tension and aids in lymphatic drainage to promote the appearance of tighter, plumper, and brighter skin.

“I’ve been collecting facial massage tools for years, and the more I learned about facial massage and its benefits for the skin and mental health in general, the idea of designing and developing my own tool slowly took shape,” Ffrench told Hypebae. “I was interested in building a bespoke facial and scalp massage treatment specifically for the tool, so the idea to collaborate with FaceGym was a no-brainer. They are the pioneers of face massage. I love their hardcore approach to facials, and they felt like the ideal partner for this project.”

Compact and versatile, Sculpt 01 features multi-use edges that target different areas of the face and scalp. The comb, which is designed for use on the neck, helps stimulate the lymphatic system and sculpt the jawline. The large, curved edge is perfect for contouring cheeks and nasolabial folds, while the ball tip targets reflexology points along the eyebrow for a natural lift. Finally, the scalp claw helps relieve scalp tension to promote overall scalp and hair health.

Crafted from premium materials, Sculpt 01 is hardwearing and easy to maintain, requiring a simple clean with warm soapy water. It integrates seamlessly into daily beauty routines with exclusive online tutorials from Isamaya and FaceGym trainers, making expert techniques accessible to all.

The FaceGym x Isamaya collection is set to introduce two additional tools, Sculpt 02 and Sculpt 03, in July.

Sculpt 01 is now available at isamaya.com and facegym.com.

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