Flora is Launching in the UK

Flora Haircare

Flora, the go-to Parisian haircare brand for scalp health, is set to launch in the UK.

As the brainchild of beauty industry veteran Nikolina Kisić Mamić, Flora Molecular Skin Therapy for Hair was developed with over 18 years of lab research and more than 45 years of professional hairdressing expertise. It was created with the simple aim of changing the way people treat their hair, because, according to the brand “scalp care is the new hair care!”

“The scalp is a part of our skin. Responsive to various aggressions, it possesses an ultra-sensitive microbiome,” explains Nikolina Kisić Mamić, founder of Flora. “A healthy scalp is essential for beautiful and robust hair. It’s time to change our perspective on the world of haircare, to provide transparent discourse and rituals that truly work. Why not treat our hair like we treat our face? Do we simply camouflage a skin issue with makeup? No, and yet that’s exactly what has been happening for generations with our hair. We colour it, suffocate it with chemicals, and daily damage it with styling products – a cycle perpetuated by the beauty industry. Taking care of your hair is taking care of yourself.”

Flora launches with over 35 clean-but-powerful haircare products, ranging from the essential shampoos, conditioners, and masks to more innovative styling products and treatments, including fillers, highly concentrated boosters, and perfumed oils.

Flora hair fragrances

Formulated with the brand’s own unique complexes, FP5® Biome and FMP10, products are designed to instantly restore the balance of the microbiome and provide long-lasting hair fibre regeneration, helping support hair health and strength.

FP5® Biome – Flora’s proprietary functional active complex combines amino acids, marine bioactives, and micropeptides to beneficially affect the bacterial microbiome and fibroblasts, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.

FMP10® – the brand’s proprietary molecular technology blends micro-peptides with the highest quality, pure, short chain hyaluronic acid for fibre structure, strength, and density.

To accompany the expert formulations, Flora partnered exclusively with French perfumer Clémence Besse to “enrich its clean beauty and scientific experience with emotions and sensuality of an exclusive and dreamy perfumer sensorial journey.”

All products are made in France and are vegan and cruelty-free. Formulas are also free from sulphate, mineral oils, silicone, PEG, betaine, and alcohol.

Flora will be available at Harrods Hair Salon from the 8th April 2024, with prices ranging from £44 to £98.

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