Gleneagles Hotel Partners With Grown Alchemist

room at the Gleneagles Hotel Spa

The Gleneagles Hotel, one of Scotland’s most esteemed hotels, has launched an exclusive spa residency with Grown Alchemist.

The Spa will host a three-month immersive experience that will bring Grown Alchemist’s facials to Scotland, a first for the Australian skincare brand celebrated for its botanical innovations and skincare technology.

“The Spa at Gleneagles is proud to champion innovative, industry-leading brands, allowing guests to enjoy a range of expert-curated treatments,” said Shameela Ali, Spa Manager at Gleneagles. “We are delighted to be introducing Grown Alchemist’s biological beauty to Scotland for the first time.”

Aneurin Smith, Global Commercial Director and GM, UK, Ireland and Australia, commented, “Participating in residencies like this one holds immense value for Grown Alchemist, providing a crucial platform to establish our presence within the spa industry. As an emerging brand in the UK, our partnership with Gleneagles is a privilege and a unique opportunity to introduce our treatments and products.”

The Gleneagles x Grown Alchemist treatment menu includes three 50-minute facials – the Regenerator, Defence, and Renew – as well as Reset, an exclusive face and body treatment.

Regenerator, the spa’s trademark facial, plumps, lifts, and sculpts, while the Defence facial soothes stressed out skin and strengthens the skin’s barrier. Renew, a deep-cleansing facial, leaves the skin rejuvenated and clear.

The standout treatment is The Reset, an 80-minute face and body ritual exclusive to Gleneagles. The facial combines active ingredients with techniques such as facial cupping and cryotherapy for instantly sculpted, smoother, and more radiant skin. The tension release back massage works to relieve stiff, tight muscles and stimulate lymphatic drainage, helping improve circulation.

Gleneagles x Grown Alchemist treatments are available now, with prices ranging from £185 to £215. As part of the residency, Grown Alchemist products will be available in the spa’s retail space.

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