Introducing Boop, Beauty’s Answer to The Outnet

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It’s estimated that 90 million beauty products are thrown away each year in the UK. Some have never been opened, and some have never even hit the shelves. There are several reasons for this, including imperfect packaging, unopened customer returns, and discontinued stock. Data gathered in Avery Dennison’s report, The Missing Billions: The Real Cost of Supply Chain Waste, suggests that 10% of beauty products are going to waste in brands’ supply chains, and 6.2% are discarded due to overproduction.

Although many consumers are happy to purchase imperfect stock, there has been no way for them to get their hands on it, until now. Say hello to Boop, the beauty industry’s answer to The Outnet.

Boop is an online retailer with a simple goal: to save perfectly imperfect beauty products from ending up in landfills. It gives new life to discarded products, stocking mid-to-high-end beauty brands at up to 50% off the standard retail price.

“A huge number of beauty products are destroyed each year by manufacturers and retailers without ever hitting the market,” explains Yasmine Amr, founder of Boop. “Consumers and brands are becoming far more conscious of sustainability – and consumers don’t really care if their product doesn’t look perfect or has older packaging if it works great – if you think about what Oddbox has done for food waste, that’s what we want to do for the beauty industry. An ‘Outnet for beauty’. Selling those items which the beauty sector assumes are undesirable, but which people love.”

Boop works by sourcing products directly from brands and retailers and then selling them to customers at a discounted rate. To maintain customer safety, every product is subject to a rigorous quality control check, ensuring they are safe to use and deliver promised results. This process, known as the ‘Boop QC check’, assesses the integrity of each product and confirms that its shelf-life is suitable, and its relevant seals are still intact. So, products are always new, and always perfect for use – only their packaging or journey is a little imperfect.

Ensuring full transparency, Boop always share a product’s imperfections with customers before the point of sale. Examples of these quirks include:

  • Damaged external packaging
  • Unopened customer returns
  • Slow-moving and excess stock
  • Out-of-season stock and limited editions
  • Obsolete stock, old formulations, and old branding
  • Quality control discrepancies – think shape, colour, texture, and size
  • Printing errors

Boop’s product offering includes cosmetics, make-up, skincare, haircare, bath & body, tools, perfume, supplements, and home fragrance. As for brands, you will find Aromatherapy Associates, John Masters Organics, Boucleme, Antipodes, and Made By Coopers. More brands are set to join the waste-reducing movement, including Foreo, which is launching on Boop this March.

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