Jessica Chastain Named as True Botanicals Ambassador

Jessica Chastain holding True Botanicals serum

True Botanicals has named American actress Jessica Chastain as its latest brand ambassador.

“We are thrilled to announce Jessica Chastain, Academy Award-Winning Actor & Producer as our new Global Ambassador,” said True Botanicals in a statement. “Jessica is a powerful, sophisticated and principled tastemaker who has been a sustainability advocate and vegan for more than 15 years. Those shared values around safety for humans, animals and the planet are what brought Jessica and True Botanicals together for this partnership.”

Chastain’s first job as brand ambassador will be starring in a campaign for True Botanicals’s new Phyto Retinol Sleep Serum.

The Phyto Retinol Sleep Serum is formulated with peptilium, a powerful phyto-retinol active that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve complexion radiance in half the time of traditional retinol, without its skin-irritating side effects.

Chastain joins True Botanicals almost a year after the Californian skincare brand gained a series B investment from San Francisco-based growth equity firm NextWorld Evergreen. Funding is expected to support True Botanicals’s next phase of growth and leadership towards a more sustainable future.

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