Pamela Anderson Joins Sonsie as Co-Founder

Pamela Anderson next to Sonsie skincare products

Sonsie, the American minimalist skincare brand, has announced that actress, activist, and icon Pamela Anderson is joining the brand as co-founder and owner.

Promising a transformative approach to beauty, Sonsie offers an empowering, self-accepting skincare system that’s clean, vegan, and cruelty-free. Like Sonsie, Anderson is a champion of simple beauty, with her recent makeup-free looks igniting both a global conversation around beauty standards and cementing her influencer in the ‘less is more’ beauty movement.

“To me, true beauty is about celebrating authenticity… I want to look like myself, feel like myself, and that means taking care of myself — inside and out…” said Anderson.

Sonsie was co-founded by German-born model and creator Marie von Behrens-Felipe and CEO Roberto A. Felipe. The Californian brand launched in summer 2023 with a mission to simplify everyone’s routine with effective, ethically sourced ingredients, and carefully curated products.

“Pamela is an icon, trailblazer, and someone I admire deeply. We share the same values and vision: for everyone to accept, celebrate, and love their true selves; to feel good in our own skin… I couldn’t be more grateful for Pamela’s belief in Sonsie.” said Co-founder, Marie von Behrens-Felipe.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Pamela as Co-Founder. Her authenticity, character, and insight will propel Sonsie forward, fostering global awareness. In the dynamic landscape of the skincare industry, Sonsie unfolds as a narrative of self-acceptance, love, and the pursuit of Beyond Healthy Skin. We can’t wait to continue building with our Sonsie family.” expressed Roberto A. Felipe, CEO.

There are currently three products in the Sonsie range, all of which are manufactured in the U.S. and meet or exceed the standards set by the European Union for safer formulations. Products include the Multi Moisture Mask, formulated with 12% glycerin, prickly pear extract, and hyaluronic acid; Basic Balm, formulated with 34% squalene, sunflower seed wax, seed oils, and yuzu extract; and Sonsie Super Serum, formulated with 4% niacinamide, a plant oil complex, and mountain pepper extract.

There will be more Sonsie products in the pipeline, with Anderson telling WDD, “There’s a couple of things that I’m working on right now that are really important to me, that I can’t live without.”

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