Profhilo Launches Profhilo Structura

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Ten years after the launch of its acclaimed hyaluronic acid bioremodeling treatment, Profhilo is introducing Profhilo Structura, a groundbreaking new injectable designed to lift, contour, and rejuvenate the midface by restoring and rehabilitating the superficial fat pads that degenerate with age.

According to aesthetic doctor Sophie Shotter, “Profhilo Structura is the first injectable treatment to naturally address midface rejuvenation by uniquely restoring and regenerating facial fat, which is a game-changer for practitioners and patients alike.”

Superficial fat, located between the skin and the muscle, provides essential volume and support to the face, helping to maintain a naturally lifted appearance. As we age, the face loses its youthful structure due to the gradual redistribution and depletion of facial fat, resulting in sagging and hollowed areas, which erodes natural symmetry.

Profhilo Structura works by stimulating the superficial fat layers in the midfacial region, slowing their degradation and signalling them to regenerate naturally. Developed using patented NAHYCO technology, it stabilises a distinct complex of high and low molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. This thermal process eliminates the need for chemical cross-linkers commonly used in other hyaluronic acid formulations and fillers, ensuring a purer product that harmonises with superficial fat tissue.

Once injected, Profhilo Structura activates cell receptors in the superficial fat pads, helping restore and reposition them without creating obvious projections or an artificial look.

“Having available an innovative treatment like Profhilo Structura, which acts specifically on theadipose tissue of the face, is an important step forward for people between the ages of 35 and 55, for whom the ageing process is already underway”, says aesthetic doctor Beatriz Molina. “This product has proven capable of restoring the structure of the face by counteracting the ageing process of adipose tissue, which increases with age, restoring firmness to the face”.

A Profhilo Structura treatment involves two sessions, scheduled one month apart, with prices starting at £300. Information regarding a US launch is yet to be announced.

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