Say Hello to ORTEGA

Etienne Ortega makeup brand ORTEGA

Celebrity makeup artist Etienne Ortega, whose clients include Christina Aguilera, Lana Del Rey, and Salma Hayek, has launched his own beauty brand, ORTEGA.

Inspired by Etienne’s signature lip contouring techniques, ORTEGA launches with a core lip range formulated with ingredients from his native Mexico. The hero ingredient is blue agave, a plant-based humectant similar to hyaluronic acid, with the same soothing qualities as aloe. Rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, D, K, and provitamin A, blue agave also nourishes the lips and offers antioxidant protection.

ORTEGA lip products

“Introducing ORTEGA has been five years in the making. This journey has consisted of fighting and beating cancer, navigating countless difficult business meetings and conversations, and maintaining my career as a celebrity makeup artist,” said Ortega. “After 15 years of fighting for myself in the industry, I’m incredibly excited and proud to introduce ORTEGA, a new line of accessible and inclusive lip products that blends my love for craftsmanship and my Mexican heritage. I’ve already been using these products on my clients for years, and now everyone is invited to join La Familia.”

The core lip range has been crafted to create full and luscious-looking lips. Priced from $16 to $22 the range includes the Blu Nectar Lip Oil for conditioning, Soft Contour Lip Liner for defining, Agave Glow Color Stick for vibrant colour, and Liquid Icon Hyper Gloss for amplified shine.

ORTEGA launches exclusively at

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