Sofia Vergara is Schwarzkopf’s New Global Brand Ambassador

Sofia Vergara

Schwarzkopf has annouced Sofia Vergara as its global brand ambassador.

The star of Netflix’s upcoming ‘Griselda’ is the face of Schwarzkopf’s latest campaign ‘What Story Will You Tell?’, an initiative designed to empower individuals to understand and embrace their unique hair stories.

“Hair is a powerful form of self-expression. Being in the spotlight, confidence is everything and hair plays a big part,” Vergara told WWD. “For me, becoming Schwarzkopf’s global brand ambassador is not just about endorsing hair products. It’s about joining forces with a brand that aligns with my belief in the importance of self-expression and confidence through embracing one’s hair. We are both passionate about the influence of hair and aim to empower and inspire other women to shape their stories and express themselves through their hair.”

Schwarzkopf chose Vergara as the face of their campaign because she is “the epitome of hair goals”. When talking of the partnership, Vildan Oenpeker-Cerci, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Henkel North America, told WWD that Vergara “personifies Schwarzkopf’s brand values in a manner that appeals to both stylists and consumers. We are thrilled about the narratives she will share in our ongoing collaboration.”

The new campaign will launch with a television advert on March 4th, followed by red carpet events and social media collaborations.

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